Shelter Information

Location and Contact Information

Begining Fall 2011 Marina will contract with the City of Salinas for sheltering services. Animal adoptions will no longer take place at the Marina animal shelter. The shelter is now a holding facility for lost pets that are waiting to be returned to their owners or transferred to the Salinas Animal Shelter.

The Marina animal shelter is located at 3040 Lake Drive in the City of Marina, but is not staffed 24 hours a day. If you have questions or concerns, or would like to see if your animal is being held at the shelter, you may call the Department’s non-emergency dispatch number at (831) 384-7575 and ask for an Animal Control Officer to contact you.

To contact the Salinas Animal Shelter to inquire about animals that were picked up in Marina and transferred to their facility, you can call (831) 758-7285 or visit them at 144 Hitchcock Rd. in Salinas, CA.