Reserve Officer Unit

Duties and Responsibilities

Level I and Level II Reserve Police Officers are assigned to the general enforcement of the laws, and as such, are generally assigned to patrol. As a Level I Reserve Officer, the Reserve Officer may work patrol as a solo beat officer under the supervision of the Watch Commander. Level II Reserve Officers must work under the direct supervision of another full-time paid police officer.

Reserve Officers within the organization can be assigned to, and work, other duties within the various divisions of the Police Department. Reserve Officers may drive police vehicles at the discretion of their supervisors. Reserve officers must also have taken an Emergency Vehicle Operations Course before operating a police vehicle for general patrol.

Reserve Officers are required to work a minimum of 24 hours per month, but may be called upon anytime where additional manpower is necessary. In addition to emergency use, Reserve Officers can be used for general law enforcement duties, transportation of prisoners, priority patrol projects, and assistance with special programs. All duties can be performed on a day-to-day basis or scheduled in advance. The day-to-day exposure in general law enforcement duties is designed to help a Reserve Officer become familiar with the daily operations of the department and to help a reserve officer become competent in his/her ability to perform his/her job.