MCM 2 - Public Participation

The Public Participation Program strives to implement an effective reduction in stormwater pollution by coordinating participation, partnership & combined efforts of the entire community. The goal of Public Participation is to help spread the message of preventing stormwater pollution through public involvement, group activities & volunteer community actions that highlight protecting local water resources.


Volunteer for outdoor activities to help educate the community and visitors to protect water quality. We welcome businesses, scouts, students, clubs, organizations, community members, and families to participate!

Program duration per event is usually 2 hours.

Storm Drain Emblems

By marking the storm drain inlets with the below message it reminds us that our actions on land have a connection to water. The groundwater in Marina can be harmed by motor oil, antifreeze, trash, chemicals, detergents, pet waste, fertilizers, and pesticides that are left on the ground or that get washed into the storm drains. The storm drains in Marina lead to percolation ponds where pollutants can leech into the groundwater. Trash from beaches can become marine debris which can kill endangered sea animals. Plastic bags floating in the ocean are mistaken for jellyfish and ingested by sea turtles, dolphins, and even whales which can kill them.

Marina 2 emblem.jpeg

Pet Poo Emblems

The pet poo emblems in local parks reminds dog owners to please pick up after their dog and dispose of the waste in a garbage can. Dog waste left on the ground can contaminate groundwater.

Pet Pickup

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To volunteer for the storm drain / pet poo emblem program.

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